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Thursday, January 5, 2012

JANUARY 21 !!!

O , January 21 if you want to appear? I can not wait awaits. I want the entry to the SBP decision. Please understand me. I first entered the classroom in the school. I want to cheer my parents. I want my parents to study biological subjects. I want to become a doctor. How do you become a doctor , if biological subjects did not take ? correct this strange world.............


  1. takziah(sbb x dpt ambik bio)
    cube mohon/cakap dengan cikgu,, kau nak ambik bio^^^

  2. mcm mne nk mhon nk ck dngn cigu sape ?

  3. cube ckp dgn cikgu kaunseling, ckg osman ke, ckg rasyidah ke

  4. .oke2 . nnt ary senin ak cbe tnye la .